Saturday, July 3, 2010


Lately, i have been fascinated by all the swaps available out there. Have you participated in any swaps? I joined a Modern Ziggy Swap, which I await my autograph blocks back within the next 3 weeks, signed by fellow quilters from all over the world...this stash will be put together and made into my retreat quilt!
I just joined the applique posy needle case swap...the ideas have been swarming in my brain for the details of this one.
My next one i hope for is a block exchange, but in the meantime, i have joined the summer quilt along with my good friend Bradie Sparrow "a quilty kind of girl" for her quilt sampler for the summer.

Let me hear about your swaps....i've even done page swaps for my scrapbooking! it's so much fun!

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