Friday, March 26, 2010

What drives you to keep creative?

What drives you...and not your DH to get you to the store for more supplies! haha...

My surroundings usually are my muse....I was quilting with the window open the other day and heard my chipmunks coming to life after their long winter of got me thinking about how much I hibernate when the snow is on the ground, so I started a new project...yep one more for the UFO pile. I am going to do a scrapbook page 12x12 out of my Quilting stash to make a page that shows what I do in the "hibernation mode" of my winter...and then do a second page to represent what I do in spring!

What gets your creativity going????

Have a great weekend! Get lots done!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Fear and Fright Don't scare me!

Have you ever had a block, scrappers block, quilters block any block at all?

I've had the quilting block for the last 3 weeks, meaning productivity has been low on Quilting, but huge and encouraging on Scrapbooking....

Sometimes, if I think back to dates and times that the blocks have come, they are usually when something "not so nice" has occurred in my life. I am trying to overcome this and not let fear or fright ruin my creative juices.

Tell me how you manage yours....we could all use the help on how to get creative when we're really not feeling that way!

cheers for now!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Creativity HITS when you least expect it....

When does your creativity hit?...when you're at a crop or retreat or by yourself at home? When you're in your craft room or riding the bus? Mine seems to hit when i least expect it....tonight I was watching Julie & Julia the movie (very funny), and darn it if I didn't get the craving to play right in the middle of the movie....not fair at all, I've waited a long time to watch that movie. So I sat through the movie, feeling inspired and gosh when it was over I think I jumped up all 18 steps to my craft room in one leaping bound...well one step at a time, cause I'm a little too chunky for leaping anymore, but I made good time. I then had the dilemma of which craft to work on...My OZ quilt is still on the board and has to be finished soon. However, I bought some really cool Tattered Angels Mist the other day and wanted to play with that as well.

I really don't know how people decide, how do you manage to juggle more than one craft?

Well back to my muse! Good Night everyone


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