Saturday, January 29, 2011

Cake completed...but the cuteness has ...

...spent the entire day in my room, sick....poor little thing...she won't see the finished product until Sunday at her party!

So our Castle Idea...didn't pan out...but....never fear...we quickly changed to a another favourite of hers.

Big Brother TJ helped mom with rolling out the fondant...(needed muscles for that)

4 layers (2 pound cake and 2 krispy treats) were layered and dirty iced...then we covered in with PINK fondant.

Next we made 4 dolly cakes and covered them with chocolate moulding and fondant.

Our new puppy definately approved...and he really wished I was sloppier and dropped more...

Last but not least we sprinkled the whole cake with baking dust in a great silver to reseamable the sprinkle dust of fairies.

(to make the tye dye look skirts on the bottom dolls...use white fondant, roll out, then spray with blue(or whatever colour you want) cake decorator spray colouring and remold and reroll...the more you reroll/remold the more solid the colour, so go easy and you'll get great tye dye effects.Icing around your edges or use licorice (we had some licorice with us...but it never made it on the cake...opps)

She'll see it tomorrow...cheers

Friday, January 28, 2011

Testing my Baking Knowledge...

So it's the little Cutenesses Birthday party Sunday..

And I am making her the cake she asked for... A PINK Princess Castle off to Bulk Barn I went, bought 4 cake pans in varying sizes. Purchased Fondant, icing power for the buttercream icing, other icing, sugar flowers, decorations, fairy sprinkle dust and other decoration items.

(Some of us were not as patient as others, and may have "hit the sack early")
So I started baking, and setting up and Dirty Icing the cakes....Saturday will begin the Fondant and finer details...keep watching.

so I will try to post more tomorrow...keep your fingers crossed...and stop staring at the beaters...YES I LICKED THEM CLEAN...oh bother!!!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

New quilt/scrap booking room on order?!

OK, so the teeny tiny spare bedroom I use for a studio is being highjacked!

I have now been so graciously (insert a big ol pie of sarcasm here) offered the basement! You know, the dingy, drab, dark, dust infested basement! So here is where I need you help, send me ideas on what you would do with a very low ceiling, 18x12' room? Should I punish him, making him build me the best table/storage unit known to quietly friends? Should I just haul all my crap down there and hope for the best? Or should I host a fabric garage sale, keep only my absolute FACS and start from scratch?

Help me!!!!!!

The sega continues! Tomoorow when the pirate ship bed is moved I will take photos for all you wannabe decorators.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

January Eh!

Well, as many of you may know, the city I reside in has been battered and shaken by horrible winter storms. The snow fall has been extreme to say the very least. I am a mere 5'3" tall and the snow piles are now well over my head and my ability to shovel and toss. My guess is that we'll be shovelling until well into June to clear all this fluffy white goodness.

This is no excuse for my lapse in blog posts, but gosh darn it, it's hard to get in the mood to write when your teeth are chattering and your fingers are so frozen even the hot cocoa can't warm them up.

We've (meaning me and Gail and Lacey) have been quite busy on the Retreat front. Our first retreat of the year was January 7-9th. It was "oversold" so it was comfy and cozy and everyone was so productive and energetic. Then the snow dumped on us and viola, we were snowed in at retreat. Now some of you would be cheering and giggling uncontrolably right now if you had been there. However, the neighbouring farmer and his larger than life tractor came over and with the movements of a ballerina, swept all that snow away so to encourage our cars, trucks and minimom vans to brave the roads to return to our families. URGHHHH...

It always amazes me how great the country we live in is, how great our neighbours are and how super special the gals that come out and visit us at retreat are. I am truely gratefull for such a great bunch of women. Year after year they come out and join us 12 times a year for great quilting, great scrapbooking, great knitting, whatever their obsession is....they come. So in the words of a very cute actor....Build it and they will come!

Now on to this January EH! title....what do you do to keep the January BLAHS away? Do you only crafts with bright and bold colours? Do you plan summer meals? What is it that you do?

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Can you believe it...delinquent with my blog...but I have a million excuses! hahaha

Actually it seems that Nov/Dec are always chaotic for our family, but my resolution is to write at least every other day to you folks, my bloggy friends.

I have a retreat this weekend, I'll be scrapbooking Friday to Sunday with 17 gals.

Next week I fly to Peace River, AB for work, so I've convinced the airline that I NEED to take my Sewing Machine with me to avoid today Northern Boredom in my hotel room! So I will get 4 nights of uninterrupted quilty time of my own. phew! Can't wait.

Be safe, Stay Warm and remember, craft unsupervised and let your inner crafty gnome out!



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