Friday, July 30, 2010

Day 18 of 21

Dag nab it....

It's a beautiful friday in my part of the world today. The sun is spreading her warmth and glow, the wind is just ever so slightly whisping at my hair...(ERRRKKKKKK put on the brakes're working today)...urgh.

OK so from my "tinted office window" that I have to look through a hallway and someone else's office to see out of it looks like a perfect day. I however will drive home in a blazing hotter than the stones in a pig luau pit vehicle to get home tonight, in traffic full of people like me wishing we'd been smart enough to book the friday before the long weekend off. All of us driving along, snearing and jeering at those who are already in trucks/trailers heading to the lake. Fill up your bug spray suckers, those little blood suckers are gonna be having a buffet this weekend.

hmmmmm perhaps I will do something fabulous tonight:
lounge in my kiddie pool? Nope
watch all my favourite shows in no particular order while sipping a sangria? Nope
Playing in MY CRAFT ROOM with AC blaring and tunes jammin? Nope

I will be cleaning out the laundry room from 2 weeks worth of laundry, so that the delivery men who show up tomorrow with my dryer can get it into place and working so I can "finish up" that growing mound of laundry that has become my new arch enemy!

I hope you all enjoy your long weekends for those of you here in Canada, and for my US friends, I understand it's a holiday monday for you too...enjoy, go to a sale, hit a garage sale, help a friend with a laundry room makeover??? whatever...just do it in style and with a drinkiepoo in your hand!

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