Thursday, July 15, 2010

Day 3 of 21....ummmm made some cookies today to go with yesterdays onto todays topic:

Season’s ...up here in Canada we have 3 seasons...winter, construction and rain....we don’t get alot of nice days....this does allow me more time in my craft room however! Quilting is hard to do in 28 degree weather, and don’t even go to the scrapbooking section, paper curled up from the humindity, stickers not sticking...ugh! I am rambling, sorry, back to the seasons...what’s your favourite season? Everyone who knows me knows that Halloween is MY season. I let others pretend to enjoy it too, but it is truly MINE. I start making costumes for my kids in July, I make costumes for my pets, for my house, for my yard, for my desk at work, everything can be made into something else for just one day!
When I was a kid, Halloween was the time to pretend, the time to dress up as something you always wanted to be or thought you wanted to be. I was always a tomboy, hard to believe I know. That meant I wanted to be combat guys, vampires, etc. And now look Vampires are all the RAGE...I love them even more now than ever!
What was your favourite season, tell me all about it.!

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