Sunday, July 25, 2010

Day 13 of 21

today was a great day, yesterday was crazy busy....

I spent the entire day today at the Edmonton Indy with my hubby, great weather, the sun brought us 24 degrees, great food, perfectly chilled coolers and beer.

The race was great, all that advertising and paint jobs on the car brought me super ideas for some quilt designs and tons of page layouts....

Have you ever done that...used advertising for designs...?

I came home to spilt bbq sauce on my of the "teens" in my house left their mcD's bbq sauce packet on my laptop, in the sun, it fell over and spilt into all the ports on my now all the keys on the left side are out the ports with toothpicks is a pain. oh well .big brother is on tonight, so off I go...see you all tomorrow.

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