Friday, July 23, 2010

Day 11 of 21

TGIF...or in human terms, thank goodness for fabric....I ran down, actually jogged with a little walking, to the local scrapbook store last week, cutting out shapes with fabric....

Holy Cow, as my 15yr old says SWEEEEEETTT....shapes on pages, shapes on quilts, you wouldn't believe the stuff I've been doing with these shapes. I made some "designer" tshirts, prettied up some of the 5yr olds "stained" shirts with a new lease on life!

I created a bunch of thank you cards using scraps of fabrics, wow wow wow...I just can't tell you all the things you can do with fabric....and my cheat for the week? Go to a local garage sale or thrift store, pick up a really cool shaped jar....get some brightly coloured, or colours to make your room and stuff those coloured fabrics in the jar.....viola! Art!

you wouldn't believe it.....beautiful

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