Tuesday, May 11, 2010

It's been a long couple weeks...and you?

Wow, the last post was April 27th...and I shake my head it seems like it's been a million years since then. I've celebrated my mom's 60th birthday with her, enjoyed a quiet mothers day, visited with my sister and her boyfriend who live in the North West Territories and wondered daily when I could get into my craft room to create.

I feel like I've ran a marathon on a daily basis for the past two weeks. I sure hope being 39 doesn't stay this busy, I don't seem to have time to think. Do you ever encounter this? Let me know your secrets please.

I've spent quite a bit of time lately cataloguing my house contents on my laptop and photographing everything for insurance. Did you know if you don't have it done, your insurance company doesn't have to cover all your contents? Me either, didn't know so I've been diligently going room by room.

Then i went into my craft room. BIG MISTAKE. have you ever wondered just how much you have in "assets" in your craft supplies? Well, let me give you a hint, just my "tools" for scrapbooking and quilting have totalled up to over $11,000.00 without counting stickers, paper, embellishments, fabric (and that's gotta be at least $10G's) Threads, etc. WOWSERS...my hubby can never find out! Seriously, I used to joke that is old hot rod in the garage would always be more than the accumulation of my "things"....shhhh, I think I have him beat!

Wow, Wow, wow, now I get why my friends joke about "shopping" at my house.

In my mad organizing and reshuffling of my craft room, i sorted all my stuff in organizational boxes, drawers, etc. Then I decided to hang on slack hangers all of my Quilt Tops that were complete with their binding and put them all in the closet so I can see them, this way if I feel the urge, I can grab one, sandwich it and quilt away. I thought i had about a dozen quilt tops laying around ready to be finished, boy was i wrong. I currently am the proud owner of 29 unfinished quilt tops. OPPs...better get on these quick and get them to the long armer...

Well here's to all of you and your collections of supplies....remember she who dies with the most stuff, leaves behind friends with huge smiles and stashes!!!



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