Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Day 1 of 21

OK so I am on day 1 of my promise to blog for 21 days in a row! ohhh ahhh...i know all of you are sooo excited right!
on to the blog....

Turning "Someday" into Today
Some Tough Options

It's time for some cold, hard facts. You and I are quilters, scrapbookers, crafters.

We're not going to be able to read every book that we want. We'll never have time to watch all of the Harry Potter movies or the New Moon Saga (yum vampires). The house will never be clean enough for your mother-n-laws visits. There will always be another errand to run including the 2 errands you forgot about when you were doing 10other things while using the swiffer (frannie that one is for you). The grass will continue to grow no matter how much compost you throw on it and send the kids out to play on it to trample it. Everything you buy will need to be dusted, repaired, maintained or disposed of in some way, well except of course your stash, it needs to be organized, colour coded, size coded and oh yeah, ready for inspection by your friends who are "borrowing" from your stash!

This is not a critique of any lack of organizational skills on your part and definatley not mind either, or a reason to give up altogether (i tried that and found out that I am not a quitter, yet). Rather, it's a statement of freedom, freedom to be creative no matter whats going on.

When you know that life will still be waiting for you tomorrow--no matter what gosh darn it--it gives you the freedom to make today count as much as possible, so go to your craft and spend at least 10 minutes on anything. "Someday" is right now, it's later, it's tomorrow, it's always. Anytime. And that is exciting, if you let it be, will you let it be?

Try to give yourself 10 minutes each day? your someday

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