Monday, July 19, 2010

Day 7 of 21

It's Monday, a monday that I took off for a ME day....I spent the day running errands for teenagers. But lucky me I spent the evening with great friends at the guild meetings. It's so inpiring to see what others are doing.

Why don't scrapbookers have guilds? There's enough of us out there....would once a month be too much to meet? Would programming conflict with store workshops? hmmmm I'll have to look into this. (ah another thing on my too busy to do list).

Bachlorette is on tonight? i don't watch much television, i tend to rather spend my "quiet" time in my craft room. but alas, the terror trolls have scattered things around in my room so much it's frustrating me with it's you get frustrated with a messy work room? Or do you thrive in it...let me know your secrets.

I get to join a class tommorrow night at Creative Scrapbooks with Gail Schaffler as the teacher...whoo hoo can't wait!....and what's your next class?

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