Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Day 15 of 21

Oh my goodness...i have to tell ya'all about the swap blocks that arrived today. I joined the #2 ziggy swap...this is a block (fabric for those scrappers) that you make, sign with a fabric pen with your name and location, submit 101 blocks to the organizer then you get 101 back from folks all over the world....guess where some of my blocks came from?




Kangaroo Flat, Austrailia....holy cow eh! I also got one from a girl in my little home town...gonna have to facebook her and get together. tons of folks from the US

This swap thing would be great for scrapbookers as well, can you imagine making a page 10 tens, then receivng 10 different pages all back to complete your album?? hmmmm sounds pretty tempting doesn't it....

This was a super Canada Post deliver day!


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