Thursday, July 29, 2010

Day 17 of 21

only a few days left for my 21 day challenge...whew...I have so much respect now for those great ladies and gents who post daily, some twice daily to entertain me and my peeps.

Today I realized that sometimes, life is fair....fair in a good way, you work hard, you show your accolades, you show your strength your determination and after all the work you put into something, get the pure joy and pleasure of knowing that you are appreciated.

Today was my day to have this A-ha moment....and on a Thursday too! Friday will be amazing...Saturday my new clothes dryer will be don't realize how long 2 months with a brokern dryer feels like in a house of 6!!! With 3 teens.....urgh!

but no worries, cause today is my day! Hope yours was just as splendid.

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