Friday, July 16, 2010

Guilty pleasures????spill it!

Day 4 of 21
Guilty little pleasures....
What’s your guilty little know, those secret things you do or have that your “friends” would never believe?

I have two crazy ones that are too hilarious and I am sure ya'all are gonna be shocked.

o.k. first I secretly love watching Big Brother...yep, stupid reality show vixen by night, but man I think it’s hilarious. I would love to be in the house, I am sure I would see through all the cons and or tick off someone by week two (do you think they like the flat chested crafty types in there?). I am so addicted to the show that I will stop scrapbooking and quilting to run to the nearest television set to sit down in front of a boob tube, grab my favourite night time junk food snack and my cup of tea and scrutinize the hilarity.

My second guilty pleasure is my obsession with Bic pens. They “write right the first time every time” and that to me is worth it. They are inexpensive, come in great colours and they are lightweight and never explode in my purse like that gel one did.

So now that I’ve dished the dirt on my guilty little pleasures...what are yours?

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