Wednesday, April 27, 2011


What makes you feel pretty?

Weird question huh, but i was thinking as i watched my little girl play with her dolls, what she thought was pretty....her dollies are identical, just different colours. The purple girl won over the girl with the blue dress.

It got me thinking what you do or wear to feel pretty, does this spill over onto your quilts and pages of your scrapbooks? It sure is an impact on mine. Which is why doing other peoples stuff can be a challenge for quilters and scrapbookers alike.

If you don't like blues, is it hard to put blue in your quilt, check your stash, which colours do you own the least (or better yet none) of? I visited Sew Divine Tuesday (a local quilt shop) and was talking to the owner, she was showing me these great new Batiks she had in, I told her I don't tend to go to the batiks...why? not sure...but that is my new challenge...use batiks and try a monochromatic quilt and scrapbook using "pattern".....The shop owner told me that this was the reason that her store didn't have alot of yellow and oranges, they aren't her favourite, but she was going to challenge herself to order some and "put herself to the test"...i am confident she'll do fine.

I want to challenge each of you, my loyal readers to a challenge....
1. Look at what you "usually" use in your quilts or scrapbooks.
2. Do the complete opposite and push yourself for your next project.
3. send me a photo of your project completed.
4. End of May I will pick a winner for the scrapbookers and 1 for the quilters.

Now, this won't hurt, it might even give you the giggles, so go ahead, try something new! I will use BATIKs by end of May!

I have the little version of this bad boy, gonna use it this month or else!


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