Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Day 2 of 21....are you?

Day 2 of 21 blog challenge

You have probably all heard the term “dedicated quilter” or “dedicated Scrapbooker”, you know the one that has at least a couple of sewing machines or Cricut machines, a room dedicated to art/craft and a stash that rivals any store – she is the envy of all of us.

Where do you think she/he gets their inspiration for all those drop dead gorgeous projects? They get it from the same place as you and I...from life. Everything around you can inspire you, from the cover of your cereal box to the advertisement in that magazine you’re reading right now. My greatest inspirations have always come from my friends and the ladies that I retreat with.

Surround yourself with a bunch of girlfriends and those craft men in your life (and some giggles) who all share the same passion as you do. Girlfriends of all ages, different experiences, different levels of’s a wonderful thing. Enjoy your time with friends, they can teach you a lot. Plus, if you’re lucky, they let you raid their stash whenever you need too! And sometimes even when you don’t need to!

Remember Quilt or Scrapbook unsupervised...and dare to run with scissors! Everyone is creative, yes even you shaking your head!

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