Monday, October 18, 2010

A fellow blogger is hosting another giveway...

Jaybird Quilts (AKA the fabulous Julie Herman) has another sponsored giveaway fearing a great online fabric store and the ever beautiful long arm quilting services of Jackie & Canton Village Quilt Works. If you haven't already joined up on Jaybird Quilts you NEED TOOOOO....she has the bestest of all things fabric, quilting and she also knows alot of folks so you get to meet folks from all around the world! She's a super lady and I would give her my stash if it was the end of the quilting world! Now that's saying alot eh!
Jump on over to Jaybird quilts and then she will help you to meet up with Jackie and Canton Village Quilt don't want to miss out!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Hello...Anybody out there?

I am soooo sorry to all my faithful readers. I have been on a self proclaimed hiatus! You heard it, finally put down everything and took some time for me. You all need to try this. It is amazing! However, I have missed you all dearly.

So, what have I been up to? Well, for starters I have been revamping my retreat business. Adding new dates, meeting new people, creating great memories for those ladies that join me on the excursions and those that join us through the face book site and website .

My oldest child has moved out of our house with her boyfriend of 2 years. They are starting a new life together in a new home. Making her table runners and quilts for the beds has kept me quite busy. As well, cleaning out her old room and making space for "hopefully" a new and roomy studio!!!! Yes you heard it hear, my dear hubby has advised that I will get 1/2 the basement area to create a beautifully stunning new studio.

Would you do it? Would you move "all" your stuff just to get a few extra inches of space? I am not sure if I want to? Not sure how to? Would it be good for me?

A fresh start would be great for purging, and for organizing and sorting, and oh doesn't that sound like a lot of work?! I am certain that my friends would come out in tenfold to help me.

What would you do with more space? more supplies or more UFO's finished (Unfinished Objects)?

I will see you soon....chow Bella's

Remember Run with scissors and you'll be surprised what can be created!


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