Friday, January 28, 2011

Testing my Baking Knowledge...

So it's the little Cutenesses Birthday party Sunday..

And I am making her the cake she asked for... A PINK Princess Castle off to Bulk Barn I went, bought 4 cake pans in varying sizes. Purchased Fondant, icing power for the buttercream icing, other icing, sugar flowers, decorations, fairy sprinkle dust and other decoration items.

(Some of us were not as patient as others, and may have "hit the sack early")
So I started baking, and setting up and Dirty Icing the cakes....Saturday will begin the Fondant and finer details...keep watching.

so I will try to post more tomorrow...keep your fingers crossed...and stop staring at the beaters...YES I LICKED THEM CLEAN...oh bother!!!


Princesstefer said...

Oh I love your mixing bowl! can't wait to see the completed cake! :)

Rhonda said...

Thanks, I figure if my tools are cute...i'll use them more...


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