Wednesday, January 26, 2011

New quilt/scrap booking room on order?!

OK, so the teeny tiny spare bedroom I use for a studio is being highjacked!

I have now been so graciously (insert a big ol pie of sarcasm here) offered the basement! You know, the dingy, drab, dark, dust infested basement! So here is where I need you help, send me ideas on what you would do with a very low ceiling, 18x12' room? Should I punish him, making him build me the best table/storage unit known to quietly friends? Should I just haul all my crap down there and hope for the best? Or should I host a fabric garage sale, keep only my absolute FACS and start from scratch?

Help me!!!!!!

The sega continues! Tomoorow when the pirate ship bed is moved I will take photos for all you wannabe decorators.

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