Saturday, January 29, 2011

Cake completed...but the cuteness has ...

...spent the entire day in my room, sick....poor little thing...she won't see the finished product until Sunday at her party!

So our Castle Idea...didn't pan out...but....never fear...we quickly changed to a another favourite of hers.

Big Brother TJ helped mom with rolling out the fondant...(needed muscles for that)

4 layers (2 pound cake and 2 krispy treats) were layered and dirty iced...then we covered in with PINK fondant.

Next we made 4 dolly cakes and covered them with chocolate moulding and fondant.

Our new puppy definately approved...and he really wished I was sloppier and dropped more...

Last but not least we sprinkled the whole cake with baking dust in a great silver to reseamable the sprinkle dust of fairies.

(to make the tye dye look skirts on the bottom dolls...use white fondant, roll out, then spray with blue(or whatever colour you want) cake decorator spray colouring and remold and reroll...the more you reroll/remold the more solid the colour, so go easy and you'll get great tye dye effects.Icing around your edges or use licorice (we had some licorice with us...but it never made it on the cake...opps)

She'll see it tomorrow...cheers


QC Kelsey said...

What an awesome birthday cake you've made Rhonda!! I'm sure that she is going to love it!

Rhonda said...

Thanks! I can't wait for her to see it tomorrow...hope she's feeling better.

Joan Quilt Smith said...

When exactly do you get any sleep?

Rhonda said...

Joan, SLEEP...oh geesh, I guess I should do that someday soon! hahahaha


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