Friday, February 26, 2010


Are you a Momprenuer? I was "accused" of being one the other day...I kinda like the title! I look at the title as a badge of honour. The badge of success and learning from failures to gain more experience. Have you ever heard that experience is what you get when you fail? My momprenuer status is going to stick! Maybe I'll get a tshirt made...I do alot of things and my retreat business has been my most successfull and the one that I am most proud of. I started to do it for others, with no profit at all, now I only charge enough to cover costs and I still am doing it for the ladies who come out, the ladies, who just like me deserve a break, deserve some time to do their own thing!

Are you a momprenuer, sure you manage a family, a home, a job and in some cases a hubby or lack thereof...but yes we are all momprenuers! Wear your badge proudly, i will wear mine for sure!

Cheers have a great weekend everyone!

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