Saturday, March 6, 2010

Creativity HITS when you least expect it....

When does your creativity hit?...when you're at a crop or retreat or by yourself at home? When you're in your craft room or riding the bus? Mine seems to hit when i least expect it....tonight I was watching Julie & Julia the movie (very funny), and darn it if I didn't get the craving to play right in the middle of the movie....not fair at all, I've waited a long time to watch that movie. So I sat through the movie, feeling inspired and gosh when it was over I think I jumped up all 18 steps to my craft room in one leaping bound...well one step at a time, cause I'm a little too chunky for leaping anymore, but I made good time. I then had the dilemma of which craft to work on...My OZ quilt is still on the board and has to be finished soon. However, I bought some really cool Tattered Angels Mist the other day and wanted to play with that as well.

I really don't know how people decide, how do you manage to juggle more than one craft?

Well back to my muse! Good Night everyone

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