Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Been a while

first off:
thanks for all the Hi's and How do you do's.
yall are the BESTest people eh! most kind peeps on the planet.

thanks for being patient while my life spins out of control.(once again)

so what's going on in the duncan house?
well i haven't touched my scrapbooking supplies since December, however my sewing machine and I got reaquainted this weekend to catchup on my Mystery Quilt Blocks! i won't even admit how long it's been and how far behind I was....
our laundry is beyond breeding. it's taken over the laundry room and the hallway now.
Staying up til 1am decorating barbie birthday cakes has made me realize that the stupid chick has a perfect body, great clothes she can now each cause they are made of icing and she's my 5yr olds favourite today not me! :(

i have a million and a half emails to answer.
the Secret Sister quilt along is staring at me and it's making me nervous.
and i'm up against a major quilty deadline with my competition quilt.

it's times like these when i wished there were 3 of me.
the good news is, one of my Peeps LC is back in town, let the fun begin.
{hey ma: maybe you'll come help me with laundry, please?!?!}kidding!

i know my blog has been quiet.
please just know i am thinking about yall.
{and all the stuff that i should be getting done.}

for now i will continue to live on yogurt and Starbucks coffee to get me through the days.

miss everyone.
Weighed in last night....-5lbs...yeah!

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