Wednesday, February 9, 2011

New Studio Toys!!!!

OK Folks, for those of you who "watch" me on Facebook, you know I am designing a new studio JUST FOR ME!!!!

OK, so I am not very excited about it (insert hysterical giggling here)...But this is an amazing adventure. This weekend the oldest son vacates the space which will soon be converted into my Studio...I suppose I should think of a great Studio name now?!

Upon him vacating, I will get to design, build and construct my ultimate crafting studio for my favourite passions of scrapbooking, quilting and a wee little bit of "everything else". I need advise, I need ideas, I need some "oh gosh don't do that's" and I need you ALL.

I will post my progress (thanks Trish for the great idea) and let you take the journey with me. Ki told me "go big or go home" so that will be my new motto...Perhaps I should print that out of my Cricut on vinyl and put it up on my wall!

Here is the first item that I purposefully bought just for my new studio!

Well, what do you think of my first Purchase...oh yeah, by the way, I will be keeping a tally of costs, so that you my friends, will be able to see what you could/couldn't and definately would/wouldn't spend your hard earned money on.



SewCalGal said...

You are a no reply blogger, probably still using the default settings. If you need help to change your settings let me know. I also have screen shots & tips on the page of my blog labeled "giveaways" that should help.


Giggles and Girlfriends Retreats said...

Thanks for letting me know..gosh this blogging thing has alot of need to knows! CHEERS!!!!


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