Friday, February 25, 2011

Moving Moving Moving, keep those fabrics Moving, RAWHIDE

OK EVERYONE, we've begun the great move. Teenagers in my house run in fear every night when i arrive home from my REAL JOB. They know each night we move another piece of furniture or stash of fabric from the 2nd floor of the house to the new Studio in the basement. Gosh I feel like a kid at Christmas.

I've come to realize that my Fabric Hoarding is a wee (way big overstatement) bit out of control. So I will have a garage sale soon!

New tables are now set up for my sewing station, and others are set up for my Scrapbooking area. Storage units have been put up, but alas, I will need more of those.

Ikea will be happy to see me this weekend, I need at least 4 Billy Bookcases for all the cottons and maybe 2 for the flannels. I was lucky to buy paper racks from a friend so my scrapbooking papers will be safe and visible and not hidden for life anymore.

I bought some artwork for the walls for inspiration, received some great mini quilts from friends for the walls and bought a new Iron. This is soo much fun, but I am really missing my 1/2 hour each night of "playtime".

And for those asking? YES I took a BEFORE picture and will take AFTER pictures for everyone to peek at!

Until next time....

Rhonda, running with Scissors and lovin' it!

This is what was in the space son's Pirates of the Carribean BED and his dresser!

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Anonymous said...

are you selling the pirate bed?


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