Wednesday, September 1, 2010

what do you tell people who ask you if you sleep?

I was asked, and get asked, on a regular basis "Do you ever sleep?"...My usual reaction has been "i'll sleep when i am dead"...THEN someone said, really truely how many hours do you get a day, you're always sooo busy?

Well i tracked it...Saturday Night I got 6.5hrs, Sunday was 5.5hrs, Monday was 7 hours, Tuesday was 8 I guess i do sleep, but I just get so excited about the things I am working on that my adrenaline kicks in and viola, next thing I know it's late, I'm in my studio and everybody in my house has gone to bed...and I have to work in the morning.

I work full time, then run the retreat business on the side, so (part-time hours), and i quilt for others, do scrapbooking for others, and do all the same for my family and me (4 kids and sweet husband) and you know what....I wouldn't change it for the world. I love my busy life, I love my job(s), I love my volunteer duties, I love going to Guild meetings, I love going to crops with friends, I love doing things with my kids, I love bowling league night with my hubby, sister and brother inlaws, and all the many little things i do....

I will not regret NOT doing anything, my house is LIVED in, my meals aren't always gourmet but I refuse to feel a smiggin' of guilt. If I wasn't busy I don't know what i would about YOU.?

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Mary said...

I am a "nightowl" according to my Mom. Back in my teens I'd move my room around in the middle of the night. Now I sew/quilt into the WEE hours whenever I can. I have no children at home so I can take a nap if I really need to.


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