Wednesday, August 25, 2010

oh my!

Oh my goodness, has the summer just flashed by my eyes. I work full time and do the retreat business parttime so I am usually quite busy, but really this summer has slipped away from me completely.
I've been busy for sure, I participated in the Applique Posy Needle Case Swap, my partner lives in Austrailia so I was sewing and shipping treats to her. I participated in the Siggy Swap with 147 other ladies from all over the world. I have been tagging along with Quiltygirls Summer Star Samplere, which is nearing it's completion.
I attended Scrap-A-Lots August All Day Crop and got some really fantastic scrapbooking done, bought and ideas coming from every which way!
I wanted to share an idea with you, when you make a really great page and want to show it off. Go to MIcheals, Homesense or Winners and purchase a "cork board" I bought a 16" square one with a fabulous white frame on it (really doesn't even look like a message board) and then pin (it usually comes with four cute little pins) your fav page to it. I did a page of my mom on her 60th birthday party last May and was able to use 3D Flowers and putting it up on the "board" was easy peasy then we hung it in a prominate spot in the Living Room for everyone to enjoy. Then when we want to change it easy!

My upcoming retreat season is starting soon...Sept 30-Oct 3rd we host a 4 day (sold out) retreat, then back at it on October 22-24, November 11-14, December 3-5, January etc. Time to get the doorprizes in order...

Fun Fun Fun....
Hope ya'all are enjoying your summer splashing! Remember, Craft unsupervised, you'll never know what can happen.

I'll try to post my board layout later today....

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