Sunday, August 1, 2010

Day 20 of 21

Oh my goodness...i am sooo excited.....I have pieced together 5 table runners/tableclothes so far today.....they are all going to be given away, and i really thought it would take me weeks, but the inspiration was hitting me full force and with reckless abandon.

One has birthday cakes in the endzones of a 30" long table runner, 3 are the ever so popular black and white with a splash of some type of fabulous colour....

hmmmm, now i have to create a fall version and a christmas one.....hmmmmmmm I am so excited at getting so much done in such a short time, my little hearts just a beating, can I bottle this creative moment for those days when i have a brain fart?

Stopped for a quick peak at my Nascar...right when a huge crash occured...maybe i should get back to my quilting room!

see you all tomorrow..

PS My dryer never showed up, they didn't call, and apparently Maytag doesn't give a rats patootie....frustration is looming!

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