Friday, November 9, 2012

I'm BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!

OK I am very very sorry, it's been way too long since i posted, and I have dutifully punished myself on your behalf...however while I was away I was very productive, very energized and I am back with a vengenance for all things CRAFTY! I've taken a class with Shauna Case, Quilt Designer to the stars! I've made 3 customer quilts, I've organized my quilt/scrapbook and crafty room and boy oh boy do I have some great ideas for you my Loyal Blog Babes! So first things you know what a QR Code is? I didn't until my buddy Vicky told me it's that little square jumble of black and white that you scan with your phone to jump to i just had to have one you know! Here it is...go ahead and scan it, tell me what you think! QRCode Until next time, and boy oh boy do i have some great ideas to come!

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