Friday, June 8, 2012

Summertime Quilt a Long with QUILTING CALLERY

This summer I am participating in the Quilting Gallery QAL (that's Quilt-a-long) for any newbee''s great and it's never too late to join in. Michele has it all setup for beginners, but anyone who is experienced can tag along too and help with tips and tricks and gosh golly get a quilt done in 13 weeks!!! Join me and my fellow quilty sisters in her QAL....see below for her fun intro and a picture of my fabrics that I'll be using. This summertime, join us for a Beginner’s Quilt-Along! We’ll be making 12 or 13 – 12″ finished blocks for our quilt. You’ll have two options for putting your quilt together: either a standard layout with 4 rows and 3 blocks per row or an on-point layout that Pat Sloan will be teaching us how to do. The blocks are a Mystery .. you’ll have to check back each week to see the latest one. The on-point layout uses 13 blocks while the standard layout uses 12, though you could use the 13th block in the piecing of your quilt’s backing. Both quilts will have sashing (and an option for cornerstones), a small 1″ border and a large 6″ border. The quilt made with the standard layout finishes at 54″ x 67″ and the on-point layout finishes at 56.5″ 69″ square. This is truly a Beginner’s Quilt-Along .. the first 10 blocks are no more complicated than creating half-square triangles. The remaining three blocks up the complexity level a little, but once you’ve done the first blocks, you’ll be a pro and able to tackle them with ease. All of the blocks are based on a 3×3 grid, which means they are made up of 3 rows and 3 columns, i.e. large pieces. We’ll be sharing tips, tricks, tools and links to other resources so you can learn not just from us but from others too. This will be the landing page for the quilt-along where all the links will be housed for you to easily find the blocks. We’ll get started June 7th and finish up the quilt-along mid September. You’ll have ample time to quilt your finished top and bind it in time to give to someone special this Christmas. Even if you’re beyond the Beginner’s stage in your quilting, we hope you’ll join us to make this easy quilt and perhaps learn a trick or even share with others your own way of completing the blocks. There will be random prizes awarded each week chosen from those that finish the block from the previous week. You’ll need to submit your finished block to the Beginner’s Quilt-Along Flickr Group to be eligible. There will also be grand prizes randomly awarded to those that complete the top. More information to come on prizes and sponsors. Beginner’s Quilt-Along

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