Wednesday, July 13, 2011

wowser time flies

So, when time flies, you're having fun right? i've been cleaning, purging and stashing some of my great quilting items for my new studio. I will be spending the next two weeks prepping the studio for it's final wall/door combo and then viola! it will be done. I had a little "stash buster sale" and will be having another next week, to make room for my new stash must haves.

I've been completing alot of customer quilts, along with a special quilt for the billet that we'll be getting at the end of August. I thought it might make him feel more at home to have a nice comfy quilt on his bed when he arrives.

Summer has been full of thunderstorms, raging rain storms and Massive Mosquito parties. But we trudge on and when the sun does shine, we'll run out and enjoy what little we get!

Talk to you all real soon! Send photo's of what you've been up to? What's new in your world!

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